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Seen the pieces of the process, for as far it is abused presented to and hold before the accused. With regard to what the accused and his lawyer brought in defence to the fore.
Considering, that the accused at the examination on the merits has declared that he is a Japanese subject, and as of 1920 was established in Batavia, the last years as hotel holder, on 30 November 1941 returned to Japan, and be charged by his government to come back to Batavia in June 1942;
that he under orders of the Japanese mayor of Bataiva XXX, and his secretary XXX opened in Batavia the restaurant Akibono, in building Noordwijk 2;
that Akibono a restaurant was, for everybody accessible, with ladies service and the service girls had service as such until eleven o’clock in the evening;
that these girls were not obligated to go to bed with the visitors, but were free to do what they want after eleven o’clock in the evening;
that he at Akibono met XXX among others who by the local government together with XXX and XXX was added to them;
that XXX arranged the women business and XXX her assistant wat;
that he, because XXX and XXX quarreled repeatedly, finally the fist was fired, and appointed XXX in her place;
that he as of April 1943 has lived together with XXX;
that he on 2 June 1943 of the Gunseikambu was ordered to open a brothel in hall[Horning in Batavia, which assignment, after he was ordered twice, fulfilled under protect;
that a complex houses at the hall Horning was arranged as brothel and to which a restaurant and bar were connected and the whole was called as corridor chat “Sakuraclub” and was exclusively accessible for Japanes citizens;
that XXX supported him with the foundation and management of the brothel;
that XXX appointed the prostitutes, but that he confirmed the appointment as head of the establishment;
that the accused, was mainly busy with updating the books, the contact with the Gunseikanbu and the supplies; that the brothel on 10 September 1943 was opened with twenty prostitutes and has existed until about September 1945, when the capitulation of Japan made it necessary to cancel the company;

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